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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Patricia Field...Is Closing?

I can hardly believe it. The iconic Patricia Field is closing her store in NYC after 50 years. Wow!

"​I started my store when I was 24 years old and it has led me onto all the
wonderful​ professional roads I have taken," Patrica says. 

"My purpose was to begin my own life/career and to answer to no one but myself; to be independent. After 50 successful years of being able to do just that, I decided it was time to close this chapter and make more room for all the branches that have sprung directly from that tree, continuing my film and television work, styling, designing, and pursuing brand new projects that have been offered to me that I have not had time before to develop.”

The store started In 1966 in the West Village and by 1971 moved to what became her best-known location, 10 East 8th Street, where it was for over 30 years. Many decades later, she bought her current store on the Bowery in New York City. 

Isn't that amazing? Kudos to PF for truly living the dream and being independent. She seems like such a strong woman - and you certainly have to be to own your own store for that long, eh? 

Patricia Field will close spring 2016 and will be missed. Xoxo  

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