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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Soap & Paper Factory at Anthropologie

Anthropologie is like a wonderland for me. I could browse it for hours - and I have! While obviously the store's clothing is amazing, they have pretty much everything excellent for the home, too. (I'm pretty smitten with my "J" coffee mug, in fact.) But guess what? It's gotten even better. They now have these bath products that are soooooo good. The premium line Mission Grove by Soap & Paper Factory is now at Anthropologie, and I've been lucky enough to test drive. Without even opening the beautiful packaging, you can smell the truly amazing scent. My bathroom is now a spot of serenity. 

The new collection features four core fragrances to refresh and restore, but let me tell you, Sakura is the ticket. I haven't sampled the Madagascar Vanilla, Fig & Honey, or Cardamom & Coffee, but I can tell you the Sakura scent balances apple and citrus with sweet heliotrope. It's an amazing experience and it smells so pure. I can't stand an overpowering fragrance, and this one is just sweet enough. And once again, the packaging. Like anything from Antro, it's incredible. Oh, and free of any nasty chemicals (sulfates, parabens, etc.) Can it be true?? Dream come true.

Here are the products from each fragrance:

Shea Butter Bar Soap $8
Sea Salt Body Scrub $12
Travel Sized Body Lotion $12
Travel Sized Body Wash $12
Treatment Facial Mask $16
Scented Drawer Liner Papers $18
Big Rollerball Botanical Oil $24

Try the body wash and bar soap, for sure. I can say that you will L-O-V-E. 

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