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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Cake, Cake, Cake

This is quite possibly the saddest excuse for a Whiny Wednesdays blog post yet. It's basically an excuse to write about cake. Because I'm in the midst of not only Christmas wrapping, but planning two birthday parties as well. You better believe cake is on my mind. 

I've been wanting to serve this "naked cake" from milk bar for like, ever. Ok, since I spied it last year, but who's counting. Someone has to have this cake and it very well might need to be little L come February. 

So artist Christina J. Wang came up with a scarf made of Australian featherweight wool...and with yummy milk bar creations all over it. It's $175. I mean, wouldn't you so wear a scarf with that cake on it?

The cjw x milk bar scarf can be purchased at milkbarstore.com. And next time I'm in New York, I'm hitting up milk bar, for sure. 

Shopping and cake, please. 
[photos courtesy maguire steele]

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