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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Tutu Cute

Omigosh. I took about 8,000 photos of little L in this Kate Mack outfit. (1) because it's adorable and (2) because she is never still for a photo (gonna have to start using my camera's "sports" setting) 

I've always known Kate Mack for the adorable sweet, tiny bathing suits. Now that I know the line offers cute-as-a-button outfits as well, I'm in. Never looking back. 

And - sob - this is a 24-month-outfit. She's BIG, y'all. (This only means more outfit options...squeal!) 

little L is the girliest girl, so I know this tutu animal-print outfit is gonna be a favorite. (Just no wearing to daycare on this one!) 

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