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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: Cutest Kitchen Award

Santa came again this year and look what little L got! A brand new kitchen. :)

We love Little Tikes and she loves "cooking" in her little kitchen. And I love it too, because it's a thing for both of the kids to play with together. If I need to get my shoes on, it's "go play in the kitchen!" Or if I need to finish putting on my make-up, it's "why don't you both go play kitchen?" 

What's funny is at first I didn't realize how compact it was. I set it up exactly how it was in the box (and it does come put together, a huge plus, folks). Later I realized there was supposed to be a window on top and a sink on the side. Oops!

So I pulled the window up and started pulling the sink out and a couple of other things like the counter and voila! The kitchen was instantly larger and they were so happy. It makes for a great little kitchen if you're running out of room like crazy like I am! And it even comes with lots of foods and accessories. Order up, little L! 

P.S. Yep, little L's outfit below is so cray. She wanted to put on her J.Crew Christmas skirt with everything. I'm in for a treat!
Disclaimer: Little Tikes sent the kitchen in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Loves it.

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