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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: Mara Hoffman Swim for Toddlers

Kudos to her for getting in a swimsuit so early in the season. Hold the squeals, y'all, but I have a little L wearing Mara Hoffman swim and can't. stand. it. The cuteness, yes?! My friend M. over at ShopBuru has some absolutely amazing things from Mara Hoffman (gonna scoop me up the perfect caftan, perhaps, soon) - and that includes little girls' swimsuits. 

For some reason swimsuits are like shoes to me, I can't stand shopping for many! So little L. will own a drawer full by the time it's all said and done. They're just too stinking cute at this age to pass up. A 2T Mara Hoffman swimsuit is the most precious thing in the world- well, besides the cutie in it. 

I've always said no two-pieces for the little until she's much older (err, much), so I found this multi-colored tiger suit to be just perfect. And so Mara. (That was actually a name I considered for her, believe it or not!). 

Yep, she's growing up. And before I know it, she will be wearing bikinis on the beach (shudder). But for now, I'm enjoying looking at those little rolls in her one-piece tiger suit. Mwah. 

P.S. I included the shoe photo because this is literally what she loves to do. Put shoes on and take them off. I swear I didn't even teach her this! It's so genetic.

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