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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: My Little Sweetpea

Let's face it. We love bath time around here! As a working mom, it's one of my only opportunities to see little L have fun playing in her element, splashing and giggling and just loving it. 

As a new mom, I went crazy over organic products. And as a second-time mom? Still crazy about them! It's a-ok to care about what goes on your itty bitty's body. And I take special care to enforce organic at bedtime and bathtime! 

I'm loving new products we received last month from Wash with Water. They are launching the new Sweetpea & Me kissable lotion and we were able to try it out early - we adore it! We also love the shampoo and body bar. 

There's something super soothing about lotion after a bath (hey, I know I like it!), and to know what you're using has simple ingredients means you can truly enjoy it and rest easy all at once. 

And the scent? A really pure floral that's so soft and subtle. Just like your own little sweet pea. 

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