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Friday, March 4, 2016

Catching Up with Trisha LaFache of God's Not Dead 2

April 1 marks the release of the  God's Not Dead 2 in theatres, and I was lucky enough to ask actress Trisha LaFache a few questions - not only about the movie and how she spent the summer in my very own town (squeal!), but about her fashion and beauty lovelies as well. Guess what? She "hearts heels for life." Love this girl.

I Heart Heels: Why did you decide to get involved in the faith-based films of God's Not Dead 1 & 2? And what would you say to skeptics of this film?
Trisha LaFache: When I read the script for the first film I really liked the character of Amy Ryan and I wanted to tell her story. I have nothing to say to the skeptics. They're entitled to an opinion. Everyone is. 

IHH: I know some of the scenes were filmed in my state of Arkansas. Were you able to make it here? What did you think?
TL: I spent the whole summer there! It's a lovely place. Everyone is warm and hospitable. They're very used to tourists, I'm sure, because of the Clinton legacy, so we were very welcomed. We stayed in the River Market area...and we shot all over, including the Capitol building. My favorite store is The Freckled Frog.

IHH: Tell us a little bit about your character, Amy Ryan, in this film, in particular.  
TL: Amy is great. She's also very flawed. She's a fighter and she constantly questions everything. She's tough. She doesn't really back down to or for anyone. 

IHH: Your hair is just gorgeous! What's your hair routine because we have to copy it.
TL: Ah, thank you! I'm blessed with very good genes. Both my parents have horse hair! But I hated being a redhead as a kid. I'm Italian American and I did not fit my own beauty ideal. But my hair secret is that when I wash it, I wash it 2-3 times and then I have my very dear friend who is a stylist blow it out once or twice a week. My hair is a lot! Whenever anyone invites me anywhere, my first thought is "how's my hair?" True story. 

IHH: Name 3 beauty products you can't live without.
TL: Oil of Olay oil-free moisturizer, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum, and SkinCeuticals age defense sunscreen SPF 50. 

IHH: I think Birkenstocks are still on trend this spring. Will you embrace those or do you mostly heart heels?
TL: No you didn't, ha! No. I will not be embracing the stock. I think they're definitely still on trend here in L.A., in Venice and Santa Monica, but I'm from New York and live on the east side of Los Angeles. Put it this way, I'm the type of girl who wears 5-inch heels to a wedding, I dance all night and they never come off. Not into this two-inch kittenish heel that's trying to pop up, either. So yeah, I heart heels for life. 

IHH: If you could go shopping with a celebrity, who would it be? 
TL: Tough one. BeyoncĂ© because I love her and I think we could be great friends. But Diane Kruger, purely for her style. 

IHH: Will you do anything to celebrate the movie when it launches? 
TL: I'm going to the premiere, which is fun, because we were so small last time we didn't really have one. 

[Photo Credit: Sean Samuels]

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