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Monday, March 21, 2016

Actress Alex Demartino Shares Her Passion for the Arts (and Shopping!)

Interview with Alex Demartino on shopping and theatre
Happy Monday! (Don't you hate it when people say that?) Today I've got actress, writer and YouTuber Alex Demartino (older sister of Vloggers Gabi and Niki Demartino) chatting about her upcoming novel, her ultimate stage goals and what she really thinks of social media. Wait...and her favorite shops! Duh. Read up, y'all! 

I Heart Heels:  With such a background in the arts, who do you like to read? 
Alex Demartino: I find myself sometimes reading plays for fun! I'm a huge fan of Henrik Ibsen because his plays hold some of the most complex characters in theatrical history, which interests me as an actress. I also love Caryl Churchill's interesting portrayals of women and use of realistic language and speech patterns. Lastly, I love Naomi Wallace's use of obscure imagery. It makes her plays so much more intriguing!
IHH: What's your ultimate career goal?
AD: To be working consecutively within the theatre and film industries. Acting and singing have always been huge passions and outlets for me since I was a little kid and I remember memorizing scenes from films and then acting them out with members of my family. I would love to make art and inspire others with it.

IHH: When do you finish your upcoming novel? 
AD: After I graduate in two months. Being a part-time actress, YouTuber, writer, and student, it can be very hard to juggle everything and find time! I don't want to say too much about my novel, but I can say that it's a modern flip on a very well-renowned tale.

IHH: And what are your goals for your YouTube channel?
AD: I never really saw myself as a YouTuber, to be honest! With how social media is now, it's so easy to write, act and star in your own material, which is great for someone like me. When people come up to me and call me a role model I'm flattered, but it was never my intention to do so. I always enjoy helping other people and I'm so happy that my channel allows me to indirectly do just that. I guess we will just see where it goes!

IHH: How close are you with your younger sisters? Do you FaceTime?
AD: Actually my sister Niki and I had a very in-depth conversation yesterday! It’s hard because all of us are so successful in our areas of what we enjoy to do. So, it's difficult to find spare minutes to sit and talk, but I do make as much time as I can. Sometimes we do FaceTime as well!

IHH: Where do you like to shop?
AD: I have a pretty eclectic sense of style. I absolutely love Urban Outfitters, TopShop and Bebe because most of their clothes fit my petite frame very well. It's always hard to find clothes for a short person with some curves! I'm also a nerd, so I love Hot Topic and their graphic tees. I always get a bunch of Disney and Game of Thrones stuff from there!

IHH: What do you think of social media?
AD: I think social media has very good and bad components to it. It’s great because people can get connected fast and get their stuff out more freely, but I think there's a huge dark side to an excess of anything. It appears that many young people measure their worth on how many likes a picture gets or how many followers they have. 

Also people tend to compare themselves a lot over social media. One always has to remember that anyone can create an image solely based on what they decide to post, creating a sort of highlight reel for himself or herself. It's extremely easy to fake a perfect life via social media, however, people take that and honestly believe it to be real. I think it's almost alarming how much importance some people place on social media. So while I do think social media is a great resource, it's by no means a way of life and more people should remember that!

IHH: Your favorite beauty item?
AD: I've been wearing a lot less makeup lately mostly because I'm lazy, but also because my skin feels most healthy when it's not caked with makeup. I love anything made from coconut oil or coconut milk. I have this body butter and facial cream that literally rejuvenates and moistures my skin after weeks where I have to wear lots of makeup. 

I do love mascara (my favorite is from MAC) because I have naturally long lashes and sometimes when I want to add a little bit of definition to my eyes, I curl and add some mascara to my lashes.

IHH: You're a writer. Describe yourself in three words. Go. 
AD: Ambitious. Opportunistic. Creative.

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