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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: Easter Best

Oh gosh, Easter is the best holiday, right? Besides the fact that I'm a Christian and celebrate it as the rebirth of Christ, I must admit that I absolutely adore seeing my kids all dressed up and sweet. Just look at how little C. cleans up!

What's funny is that he immediately took off his dress shoes when we go home, and rather than retaking these photos, I found them just perfect. Because that's how he is! He'd much rather be in his tennis shoes or sandals than his boat shoes, but my goodness didn't he look cute on Easter in Nautica?

We've long been fans of this brand because it seems that we can find really nice pieces that aren't too stiff and still comfy for little C. These flat-front pants? They weren't stiff and uncomfortable for him at all. In fact, they were lightweight and the perfect fit. (Love the lighter wash, too.) And since orange is his fav color of all time, I found it appropriate for him to wear it on this special day. I wasn't sure with his hair color, but this gingham shirt turned out looking amazing on him. And made him look so big (tears)!

And, yep, that's him getting into the Easter candy the bunny brought him. Swoon. Little guy loves a Starburst!

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post, but Nautica did provide the shirt and pants in exchange for this honest review. Looooove them!

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