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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: Little Giraffe Luxe

The softest luxe pillow from little giraffe
Wow. What a difference a pillow can make. Well, and minus an ear infection, also. That helps, too! But, seriously. We received the pink Little Giraffe Luxe pillow a few weeks ago, and I promise you (no, I promise you), little L. has been sleeping all night like a champ.
Little Giraffe luxe toddler pillow is so soft
It's not that she wasn't sleeping before the pillow, don't get me wrong. little L. is generally a great sleeper. So, if you have a terrible sleeper, this pillow might not be the fix. BUT, I will say that now that she's two and she sleeps on it (you never want to place a pillow in a crib before 1 and I even waited until 2!) , she doesn't really wake and whine like she used to. It would drive me nuts how she would whine really quickly at, say 4 a.m., then roll over and go back to sleep while I was lying there staring at the ceiling awakened.

We honestly love all of Little Giraffe's products and have used their blankets for ages. While little C. liked them, I would say that little L. has a soft spot in her heart for all things soft and Little Giraffe. What can I say, she's a girly girl! When the pillow arrived, she actually exclaimed "faux fur!" Haha.

And while I was very tempted to take this snuggly thing with her to daycare, I've reserved it for home and nighttime in her crib. I mean, it is $52 and faux fur. (although she does even love to carry the pillow around with her!)

Sometimes you have to splurge a little, mamas, if you want the best. This pillow is the sweetest! Your little one needs a little luxe in her life. Go. get. it.

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