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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: Mixing Prints

I absolutely can't believe how big she's getting. I ask little L, "are you a baby or a big girl?" and she says "big girl!" She's just adorable. So adorable that she can now totally rock her spring clothes and a ponytail. I'm psyched.

I almost feel like I should get a hairstyle book and practice because I'm so new at this girl thing! I actually have to fix hair and worry about clothes (little C. has always been super easy here). She just received this little outfit from Zutano, one of my fav brands because you can mix-and-match patterns (this is the Ellas Elephants print with candy stripe pants) and it's realllllly easy to buy a matching outfit like this and not have to worry about coordinating different pieces in the closet. This outfit even has a matching pink jacket I'll try to post photos of in the future, but it's been so hot down south already, we really haven't even needed it! Blessing.

And she's been absolutely living in these polka-dot "Kristin" tennis shoes from See Kai Run. Yep, polka-dot! When I saw them, I just knew they were for her. (thank you, See Kai Run) While I do love putting her in frou frou shoes, these are just too practicable and so comfortable for her that they are her go-to shoe for everyday and daycare. The top is Velcro, of course. But, can you believe she can already put them on herself? She's a total shoe pro. Don't know where she gets it? Wink.

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