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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: Piggy Paint

Oh my word. I can't with the cuteness of this post. There's something about painting a little girl's toes that makes me squeal all over. Little bitty toes are just so precious!

What's more, is I was able to have some one-on-one time with little L. the other night (which is pretty much rare) while my mom watched little C. We went to eat dinner and then came home and painted our toes together. With Piggy Paint. Insert all the squeals now, if you will.

I was a little apprehensive at first with her just turning two this past February. I thought there would be no way she would get into painting her toes at such an early age. I was so wrong. She grabbed her two bottles out of my hand and exclaimed Pi'Paint! Way cute.

Now's the part where you wonder why on Earth I'm putting chemicals on my two-year-old. Yes?! Well, nope! Piggy Paint is kid-friendly and is water-based with natural ingredients. It's completely odorless (which is amazing!) and free of all the nasty stuff. It's almost too good to be true, but I promise you, it's SO true! And it's created all right here in my home state of Arkansas. So cool.

Last month, little L. was sent two bottles to try out - Let's Flamingle (a gorgeous coral pink) and Sweetpea (a super-soft pink) and I was actually sent two as well from the adult SOPHi line - Red Bottom Stilettos (a bold red, which I love) and #NoFilter (a pretty deep pink). I know, right? So appropriate it's nuts.

The Sweetpea was a great initial try for us because it is so light and sweet. But I found that the Let's Flamingle was amazing! It showed up perfectly on her little toes and she absolutely adores it. And I used the #NoFilter because that's what she picked out for me...she's the boss! It's hard to believe, but she really did sit as still as can be while I painted her tiny toes. Of course, as small as they are it doesn't take long. And what I love so much about the SOPHi version for me is how large the brush is. It really only takes a quick sweep on each toe and I've never had a polish quite like that! They both seemed to dry really quickly, which is crazy important for the kiddos who want to immediately move around.

Several days later the paint is still fresh on both of us and she's still pointing to them proud as can be. She loves being just like her mama. Painting our toes together is just one of the many fun things I can't wait to share with her the rest of our lives...so much fun!

P.S. This is the Zutano jacket I mentioned just last week!

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