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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Whiny Wednesdays: Enjoying the (Little) Moments

Be still my sweet little-girl-loving heart. How did she get to be so big?! It's so cliche, but really. This time it's even more bittersweet because it's my last. I'm trying to hold on to every itty, bitty moment (insert mom voice here) that I can, although sometimes it's so hard getting wrapped up in work or the blog or freelance. My life is full of things, but I remind myself that what I do every day is to help us have a better life - and they see me doing things I enjoy (need a handbag description written in 5 seconds? got ya covered). And then the working mom guilt partly goes away. Partly.

On Sundays after church I let the kids run around for a bit in the sunshine (barefoot, natch) while my mom picks up lunch. So southern and so great. It's one of my fav memories as a child myself...eating "Sunday chicken after church" around the table with my parents. 

I love having family together, and it excites me to know the kids love going to church so much, honestly. The other night little L. hugged me so tight before bed, and little C. said a prayer that I would stay on this Earth 500 billion years and never go to heaven. It feels good to be loved so much, my gosh.

Every time I think about the chaos and the mess, literally, I try to take my mind back to little things like these and just enjoy my littles being so little. Tiny hands, tiny feet, sweet little hugs and kisses. Before I know it, they'll be grown. Because that's what we do. We grow up and we learn. Lots of learning. My heart aches for the learning they'll do, and the mistakes they'll make along the way. Knowing myself how cruel life can be, I cherish the moments now when they can be so innocent and carefree. 

Here's to running around outside barefoot, giggling, twirling skirts and forgetting about everything else. 

P.S. Thanks to Matilda Jane for sending us this dress to try out, among several others. Don't worry, you will get to see every bit of the MJ goodness. Stay tuned. And also thanks to See Kai Run for sending these gladiators because you know girl loves some shoes. Genetics are a funny thing.

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