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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: MJ (Matilda Jane) Every Day

You know about my Matilda Jane obsession for little girls, right? It's a problem. Girl has a much larger wardrobe than I do (ok, fine, not really...but close). And can I tell you about, oh wait....zzzzzzz....I can hardly write this post because GUESS WHAT. Little L. thinks it's amusing to wake up at 5 a.m. now and call my name from her crib. Hil-arious. 

She will usually go back to sleep, but not moi. Makes for long days in the boardroom (err, cubicle), but I'm starting to get used to the new formation (cue Beyonce). No sleep...drop kids off...Starbucks line...work...pick kids up annnnnnnd repeat. 

So basically what I'd like to say about Matilda Jane is it's easy and cute at the same time. It's not too fancy for daycare (although some moms might argue), but it's super cute and stylish (gotta raise 'em early). These clothes though are quick to slide on (this tunic had a couple of buttons to unfasten, but most of her MJ pieces are pull-on) and several of the pieces we have from this collection are mix and match (and don't forget the adorable "pawtets" as she calls her beloved pockets). She's wearing the Picnic Pie Tunic ($44) and the Patisserie Scrappy Leggings ($36), which go with so many things. We also have the Licorice Lace Shorties ($32...as they paired with this tunic on the site), and they also go with so many things (so stay tuned on another post featuring those striped cuties!).

It makes my groggy, no-sleep mornings that much easier. And you know what? It makes me look like I tried when really allllll the credit goes to MJ. Cheers to easy, chic and tiny clothes. Now I'm going to bed. 

P.S. Interested in hosting a Matilda Jane trunk show? It looks like so much fun and there are fun benefits! If you don't have the time, you can also find a trunk keeper in your area to scoop up all these goodies.

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. This outfit was sent to us by Matilda Jane for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. As you can see, I'm obsessed. 

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