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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ivyrevel Steals My Heart

What makes fashion?

I love that anyone can answer this question with something different at any given moment. 

I'm in love with fashion. What I'm most in love with is how you can take something and make it your own - just by the way you style it. It can be high end or low end - colorful or muted. I most often find that my favorite pieces are those I had a huge question mark about at first glance. Something that made me that's interesting. It's that standout piece that you can pair with basic black or the basic black (hello, backpack love of my life) that you can pair with another standout piece. Enter Ivyrevel

Clean silhouettes are always modern and great. Add something flashy and you have a fashion moment waiting to happen. Like the gold tassel earrings here that are only $67.90, mind you. These are stellar and I squeal at the thought of them. And while I heart every piece on this page, the quilted cruiser jacket is so me. I'd be all over wearing this with a tiny black skirt or LBD. 

And now I'm digging more into this brand because, well, look at it. It's hot.

P.S. This brand is a pioneering digital fashion brand that just began in April. It's supported by H&M Group, PayPal and selected influential business giants within digital technology. Way cool. Look it up.

[photos courtesy ivy revel]

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