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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Perfect Sneakers...What? I Said It.

Kenneth Cole white Kam sneakers

Have you ever stared at a pair of sneakers and wondered why? How? How could you possibly like it? I swear to you that the athletic shoe trend has totally stepped up the game in fashion. I mean, not on the same level as high heels, obvi, but on a whole new level.

Take the Kenneth Cole Kam sneakers, for instance. Olivia Palermo has been spotted not once, but three times, in them. Looking at these sneakers, I insisted upon first glance I hated them. Nope, couldn't do it.

Then, it happened. The more I looked at them and the more I Googled Olivia Palermo and her outfits wearing them (you know, as perfectly as she does), the more I had. to. have. these shoes.

I mean, seriously though. They're elegant. They have a chic metallic stripe on the back. And they go with anything. Anything.

Especially that new black sweatshirt dress I own. Now if I could just convince my boss they're office approp...

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