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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Whiny Wednesdays: New School Year, New Shoes

New Balance sneakers for kids

New balance shoes for kids

A new school year calls for new fancy shoes, yes? Nothing makes little L. happier than new kicks - what can I say, she gets it from her mama. And I'm pretty sure her daycare teachers get the biggest kick (pun intended) out of her footwear attire each day (we like to rotate). I mean, don't they know she's a future blogger? Wink. New balance purple sneakers

New Balance is our fav brand for those days where we know we're gonna be active. (ok, where they are gonna be active - not we. I sit at a desk.) Of course, I love her fancy cat shoes or chic gladiator sandals, but you just can't beat a good pair of sneakers for that rough-and-tumble play on the playground (well, squealing and bouncing up and down at the top of the slide, anyway).

This fall, New Balance sent us several styles to try out (many her age have laces now, and as pretty as they are, I saved those for home and the daycare teachers should thank me). These purple ones with Velcro are the standouts of the bunch. They're gorgeous (purple is her fav color), but also functional. She really loves running around in them because they're so comfortable. They don't rub at all, and slide right on because the top completely raises up to get her foot inside. No trying to "squeeze" them in with these - I always hate that! They Velcro on both sides (and it's a sturdy Velcro, so she can't take them off easily, bwahaha). And, of course, they truly bring out her fashion-loving personality.
New Balance purple toddler sneakers

New Balance blue kids sneakers

His favs are these blue ones because they're so classic - and he can tie his shoe now! I was super proud of him last year in kindergarten when he won the shoe-tying contest in his class (insert proud mom moment here). These New Balance sneakers are just gorgeous and I love how this brand seems to last forever. Little boys need lots of sneakers for how rough they can get (or is it just mine? nope, didn't think so.), so I can't wait for an entire year of these cute shoes.
New Balance blue kids sneakers

See you on the playground, mamas?
Here are some of the other styles for fall we love!

New Balance gold kids sneakers

New Balance red kids sneakers

Pink and gray New Balance kids sneakers

Multi-colored New Balance kids sneakers
Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. New Balance sent sneakers to us for testing and the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. What a hit!

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