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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Paris Hilton On Her 20th Fragrance, Gold Rush

celebrity Paris Hilton shares about 20th fragrance Gold Rush
Of course I couldn't contain myself when I realized instead of folding laundry for the evening, I would be chatting with Paris Hilton. I mean, NBD. (She did call me sweetheart before she hung up. Squeal.) At just 35 (umm, that may or may not be my age), she's taken the fragrance industry by storm. Her newest release of Gold Rush, available on HSN.com for $60, is her 20th one. (and the men's version is coming next month!)

The heiress now labels herself as an expert, and rightly she should. When I spoke to her on the phone, she shared with me how she's loved fragrances all her life. "I just love perfume - ever since I was a little girl," she told me (in her new, sexy and sultry voice, might I add). She mentioned playing around in her mother's boudoir and spraying all of her different perfumes. "I now have 20 - and it's a dream come true," she tells me. "I love fragrance because it puts me in a good mood."

Gold Rush is "sexy, seductive and more mature now that I've evolved and grown up," she explains. "I'm very proud of the results." Think Old Hollywood glamour with notes of lemon, bergamot and nectarine mixed with velvet orchid, violet and rose petals all on a base of vanilla, praline and cashmere wood. Doesn't that sound enticing, girls?
celebrity Paris Hilton shares about 20th fragrance Gold Rush
And the bottle, of course, is just as gorgeous as it sounds. "I love gold," Paris says. "It's so elegant and a strong color. I have it all over my house...I wear it. Anything gold, I love. [Gold Rush] has the perfect name and packaging." 

When I asked her which celebrity she would love to send it to, she responded with her "icon" Madonna - and Marilyn Monroe, if she were living. 

So how does Paris Hilton spray her perfume? "About five sprays," she says. "One on each side of my neck, my breasts, and then I spray it into the air and walk through it." There you have it, folks. I'll never do it any other way again.

P.S. Remember that time I ran into Paris Hilton at New York Fashion Week? Yep. She really is nice.

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