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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Whitney Port, Seventeen & Miss Me: Love it!

Are you a fan of The Hills? I am! While I don't watch it every week, I catch it every now and then and get hooked every time I check in. The other night I watched the sneak preview of Whitney Port's new show coming Dec. 29 on MTV - Whitney Port's The City. Let me tell you, if ever there was a show I was more excited about, it's this one! Whitney moves from LA to NYC and begins working in PR with designer Diane von Furstenberg (she must love those wrap dresses, too!). She starts a new job, finds new friends and hobbies and falls in love - ahhhh.

I am looking forward in a way because it takes me back to my first days in the city. The shock and awe, the mesmerizing feeling of being in such a big place but surrounded by such great things. I worked at Seventeen Magazine as an ASME intern and that summer changed my life! I'm sure we're in for some changes in Whitney's life too.

What's funny is this season she's in Seventeen wearing one of my fav contemporary lines MM Couture by Miss Me. One shoulder dresses are so hot for holiday parties this season. Mischa Barton wore the red version at the Miss Me offices, but I'm really loving Whitney in the black much more (not much for Mischa's style anyway). I adore how she belted the dress and added super-hot heels.

The issue's out right now, so check it out. I'll probably buy one and reminisce - sigh. Until The City starts...

[Photo Courtesy of Miss Me]

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