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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beat the Winter Blues

It's hard to stay upbeat when it's cold and dreary outside (I personally am a beach, warm weather fan and couldn't live without my summer trip to the shore!). But your skin needs more attention during the winter months because it can be harsh on your skin. In other words, moisturize and repeat! Your face, your hands, your feet and don't forget your lips!

Sephora by OPI makes a nice restorative compact hand moisturizer to use on the go for just $10. Your hands are almost always exposed so it's important to nourish them with a little tender-loving care, and this pretty potion does just the trick.

For your whole body, I love Sephora's body butter ($16 - one of the reasons why I love the Sephora! so amazingly affordable, yet so good!). There are 10 different scents to choose from, and the natural shea butter and beeswax keep your entire body hydrated so well.

The "tricks of the trade" lip balm is just $8, and the mango butter and vitamin E leave your lips so soft and supple, you'll want to keep kissing for days! That will for sure help you beat the winter blues.

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