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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Belli Skin Care: Soothing, Calming

With all the celebs out there making babies galore, you knew there had to be a go-to skin case line. A fav of new moms Rebecca Romijn, Halle Berry and even Angelina (oh c'mon, no last name needed!), Belli Skin Care is an amazing and, most of all, safe beauty line for moms-to-be and even babies.

Have you ever stopped and read the labels off your shelves of products? There are 10 lines of words I know I can't pronounce, let alone know what they are. With Belli, you know you're safe because it's the #1 recommended pregancy skin care brand by ob-gyns. And the baby line is recommended by pediatricians. It certainly leaves the guesswork out of you trying to interpret if your face cream is ok for you.

Please let me preface this by saying: I am by no means pregnant. I am a beauty lover by nature, and so I actually tried Belli's All Day Moisture Body Lotion ($18.75) for dry, itchy skin. I have the oiliest skin in the entire world, but my legs get annoyingly dry in the winter. Hey, if Belli's good when you're preggers, it also means it's good when you're not. I'm all about chemical-free products. Most of all, I couldn't get over the scent of this lotion. It's composed of Lemon Oil, Chamomile and soothing Shea Butter. Lemon is known to calm upset stomachs, but for me? It reminds me of my childhood filled with those soury good Lemonhead candies - ahhhh.

And in the case you really did just have a little one? Belli Motherhood makes an incredible Stretchmark Minimizing Cream ($52) to help you reclaim your fab body much quicker. And from Belli Baby, use the Calm Me Hair & Body Wash ($18) on baby for a tear-free bath (so important!). Gently cleanse hair and skin with the soothing ingredients of chamomile and marigold. (Just make sure the water runs behind baby's head.) Amazingly calming.

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