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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hair Trend: The Twist

Have you ever had a hair crush? I mean a full-on can't-stop-thinking-about-the-perfect-luscious-locks-you've-seen crush? I make sure I catch The City every Monday night. Even though I'm a little disappointed with the amount of fashion coverage versus boy drama (borrrring), I can't say I'm disappointed in watching the clothes, hair, makeup (and all-around, NYC, of course). Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port both love the hippie chic clipped back hairstyle. If you've seen one episode, you know.

I am so obsessed with this look! But you have to be careful. Since most of us don't have perfectly curled locks a la Olivia, it's important not to come off looking way too 60s. Lightly pull your hair back with tiny claw clips (I just bought myself some at Target for $2), but make sure not to pull too tight - loose is the key. And twist - so cute! (Insider tip: I tried it with bobby pins, and trust me the claw clips are the way to go. They will hold all day long - and for extra hold, spray just a bit of hairspray.) Buy the clips in black and brown - colored clips in your hair look way cheap.

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