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Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Secrets to Looking Red-Carpet Ready

With awards season in full swing (the Oscars are just next month!), a girl has got to look her best. I've told you about a few red carpets secrets like the Grippy Steps that keep heels from sliding, well there's another secret (shhh!) out there for your eyes. It's so close to the B-word (Botox, that is), but cheaper than the real thing. It's called HollywoodSecrets 5-Minute Eye Transformation, and it's $89 for 32 applications. You just crack the swab and the formula drips down the cotton, so then you quickly apply it and toss it (so discreet, let me tell you). And it's super-easy - no surgery or appointment needed. Celeb makeup artists like Natalie Miller of Cloutier swear by it - she uses it on Kirsten Dunst to Jennifer Lopez.

Brighten and tighten your face for 8 whole hours at a time. Just slip it in your purse for touch-ups. So perfect for that next party of yours (even if it's not the Oscars, sigh...).

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