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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peeling Groovy

Bliss is one of my fav skincare lines, and I love to read the names of the new products when I go to Sephora (every other week - bashful face). They've just released a new facial serum, Peeling Groovy ($65), that's a triple threat against aging.

It used to be known as the Sleeping Peel Serum (not a bad name, but I prefer the new one much more!), and now it even looks new. But it's the same serum formula that's perfected skin for years. It keeps lines at bay, lightens dark spots and just makes you look a heck of a lot younger than your years.

Just apply a thin layer wherever you need it (or think you need it, ahem) - face, hands or even decollete!

P.S. It's made of dermatologist-developed AFAs, which are non-irritating (hello, sensitive skin people!) and attract up to three times the normal levels of moisture - so your skin stays healthy, too.

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