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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Q&A: Editor of Coutorture, Megan Zanke

Coutorture is a fabulous fashion site and online blog community (I Heart Heels is a member!) with up-to-the-minute trends and tips. I caught up recently with Editor Megan Zanke for her take on the latest fashion trends and her own obsessions. (girl, loving my riding boots too!)

IHH: What’s it like being the editor of one of the largest online fashion communities on the Web?

It’s really fun! I’ll tell you, it’s difficult spending 12 hours a day sitting in front of a computer but having such fabulous, thoughtful blogs in our Network makes it a lot easier. Julie Fredrickson and Sarah Conley must be given credit for that, by the way.

IHH: What other blogs or fashion sites do you look to for inspiration?

MZ: Well, I try to read a lot so that my inspiration doesn’t come from one place. Obviously WWD is like life support—not going to pretend otherwise. Oh, and e-commerce sites! I scour them for information about what’s selling, what’s new, what never made it off the runway, etc. You can learn a lot about fashion this way.

IHH: What are your current fashion obsessions at the moment?
Leather shorts! As much I dread the thought of my pale legs in public, I do love this trend. Currently (obsessively) hunting for the right pair. My favorite example came from Chloe Spring 09.

IHH: Heels or flats?

Oh, heels.

IHH: If you could have one clothing item with you on a deserted island, what would it be?
MZ: Probably riding boots. I’ve been wearing them for years and years through winter and summer and they’ve never failed me.

IHH: Who are you most looking forward to seeing of the Fall 2009 collections this February?

It’s too hard to answer that question! Probably Celine, Pucci, Valentino...new creative direction always gives a good show. And, as much as I love New York, Paris Fashion Week is probably the most visually stimulating week of the year.

IHH: Do you have any favorite celebrity style mavens?

Not really! I don’t really follow celebrity too much. I mean, I know who everyone is because you learn that stuff by osmosis, but I don’t really keep up with it. Honestly, I think the fashion you see on the street or on street style Web sites is much more impressive. I aspire to be the gal I passed on the subway more often than, like, Ashley Olsen. No offense to her or anything. :)

IHH: And a few labels you love?

YSL, Lanvin, Chloe, Miu Miu....don’t ask me what I wear, unfortunately you’ll get an entirely different answer!

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