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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rev Up Fair Skin

Do you have ultra-fair skin like me? If you do, you probably hate winter when you don't have even the slightest bit of help to perk up your skin. Days are dull and so is your skin. Well, I'm here to tell you about some products I've been using lately that have taken my fair skin from drab to fab. The Bobbi Brights Palette (collector's edition!). I am in LOVE with this new palette ($70). To be honest, I've never been a palette person. Why would I need something that has so many extra colors I won't ever even use? Boy was I wrong! This kit is amazing!! Inspired by the "fun kit" Bobbi uses at Fashion Week (coming up soon - can't wait!), all of the 35 eyeshadow hues are beautiful and relevant for every day. I've used the Blue Denim, Wisteria (pretty purple) and Shamrock and loved them all. I'm heading up to NYC in a few weeks, and plan to take this with me. Can you imagine? All your shadows in one spot (and a mirror's included!). I can't express to you how much this handy fold-out shadow kit excites me (squeal!). The bright colors have definitely brightened my winter mood - and skin.

Bobbi's also introduced four sassy new lipstick shades to the line-up ($22 each) and I am crushing on Rose Brown. It's super-creamy so it glides on smooth and the color complements fair skin impeccably. (The square tube is also nice in a sea of round ones in my purse!)

Next up - Clinique's Blushwear Cream Stick ($18.50). Another
super-handy product for you on-the-go girls. It's blush on a stick and it actually turns from cream to powder - genius, no? Picture yourself after a brisk jog around the park - rosy cheek perfection. It looks natural (which is important for a blush) and it's so easy to apply it's insane. Just sweep it across your cheek bones and blend. And it's super-easy to build on color once you look in the mirror and see you need more. Just dab on an extra stroke! I'm loving Rosy Blush, a soft and sweet pink shade. I must say it makes my cheeks look so pretty (ah, now I'm really blushing).

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