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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Style Secret of the Stars

No matter how much you heart your new pair of heels, you don't heart them when they embarrass you sending you sliding across the slick pavement, right? One time I went to a wedding and wore a brand-new pair of slip-on BCBG heels, only to find my boyfriend (now husband) and his best friend N. literally carrying me down the long winding sidewalk to the chapel. Those heels absolutely would not stay on my feet (and I sat weeping later at my money that had gone down the drain - I was a poor kid just out of college then!

Celeb stylist Tara Swennen knows just the trick - she uses it on her clients like Rumer Willis and Miley Cyrus. Grippy Steps! Tara swears by these neat black adhesives that attach to the bottom of your soles. They keep you from slipping and making an idiot of yourself (which is something I don't need much help with as it is!).

P.S. They're just $7.99 and you can get them at DSW (love!).

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