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Friday, January 9, 2009

Tracy Reese Answers Your Style Questions!

1. I just had a baby a few weeks ago, Can you suggest a style or two that will flatter me for an upcoming party?
–Jessica S.
"It is important to feel great in what you wear. Pick a dress that will accentuate your best parts. An empire waist style highlights the upper body while guiding eyes away from the tummy area, allowing for a look that is both flattering and fabulous. It is important that the empire waist style top or dress isn’t too billowy to make you appear larger than you are."
(Pictured here: Tracy Reese Back Surplice Frock in Lavender/Crème Scalloped Wave)

2. It seems like I never have time to focus on getting dressed in the morning with a full-time job and two kids. What are your suggestions on dressing both quick and chic?
Laura T.
"Accessories are the easiest and quickest way to add style to even the most simple dresses or tops. Try adding a floral pin, colorful belt, scarf or statement necklace to a classic go to item in your closet for a look that is both swift and chic."
3. Are there any “secret tricks” you have for dressing to look slimmer?
Sara W.
“Remember that proportions are essential in order to look slim. When wearing a chunky knit or a flowy top, balance it out with something streamlined on the bottom (and vice versa depending on your best body part) to keep the look fashionable not frumpy”.
(Pictured here: Tracy Reese Easy Tunic in Jaffa Curvy Geometric & Cropped Pant in Khaki)

4. I have a really nice new corduroy blazer I just bought, but not sure how to wear it. Any advice?
Amanda C.
“Add a feminine twist to this menswear-inspired look by pairing the blazer with a frilly, silk top, skirt or dress underneath, simply pair with a stunning broach or belt for a look that is sophisticated yet stylish."
(Pictured here: Tracy Reese Bow Jacket in Licorice & Reverse Scallop Skirt in Licorice Almond Joy)

Thanks, Tracy, for answering our clueless questions - we are so ready to reinvent our closets now! xoxo

[Photos Courtesy Tracy Reese]

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