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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wanted: The Kooba Jaylin

I'm a bag girl, through and through. Some girls love jeans and others love jackets. (Besides heels, of course!), I love bags. I have one in every shape, size and color. A good bag can go a long way with an ok outfit, trust me! (But you would never wear just an ok outfit, would you?)

So I have been a complete Kooba stalker for months. Ok, let me explain. Koobas cost several hundred dollars (celebs like Blake Lively love them!). So lately it's been my secret mission to score one online during a blowout sale. I've searched eBay - nothing. Why would I buy someone's used, or even fake (gasp!), Kooba when I could have a shiny new one for the same price?

You've heard me talk about RueLaLa.com and HauteLook.com, right? LOVE these sites. So the other day (I get daily sale e-mails from them) HauteLook had a huge blowout sale, and Koobas were amongst the loot. You can imagine how ecstatic I was - the black leather Jaylin, a pre-spring dream! And it was only $150! No sooner had I mulled over my decision (do I really need it? shouldn't I save for my trip to NYC?), the darn thing was SOLD OUT. I loathe those words. Sigh. And another one slips away.

Isn't the Jaylin hot though? I love how it has a long removable strap - perfect for those who always have their hands full like me. Oof. And the silver hardware and pocket details are so city chic. I can't wait until I get my hands on the Jaylin no matter if I have to start my own "Kooba account." It's become a personal shopping challenge (and I never mind those, wink).

As always, will keep you apprised of my great finds.

[Photo Courtesy of Kooba]

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