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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What to Wear to Work this Spring

What to wear to work is constantly on my mind - I don't know about you. I usually try to set out what I plan to wear the night before (since I hit snooze three times and get up at THE LAST possible minute). Since I work full-time in a corporate environ, it's important to stay tasteful while still keeping within my stylish realm.

This sleeveless dress from Rebecca & Drew's spring collection is the perfect example of something I might wear. The tweed is sturdy and classic, and mix it with a pretty pastel pink hue and you have work-perfect attire. On a cool day, layer a white button-down underneath. I just love the belted waist and pocket details - it equals effortless working woman chic! You go girl!

[Photo Courtesy Rebecca & Drew]

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