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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bobbi Brown Giveaway!

With Fashion Week only 9 days away (squeal!!), I'm really digging into my make-up bag and closet now mixing and matching all of my favorite pieces. Eek! What to wear!

I do know one thing I plan on slipping in my bag - Bobbi Brown's Face Touch Up Stick ($22). This is a miracle on a stick, I'm telling you! Let's get real. No matter how many products out there claim 24-hour coverage (yada, yada), my make-up is not going to withstand eight shows in one day. It's just not! This mini touch up stick is portable, hides redness and comes in uber amounts of shades. It'll be sure to get ya all the way from DVF to Y-3 to Miss Sixty (sounds like some sort of fashion equation, huh!?).

Another Bobbi must next week? The sparkle eyeshadows ($24) - for the afterparties, of course! These shadows are feather-light and glisten perfectly in dim light. You may not be a movie star, but you'll sure feel like one.

Time to enter below now so you're sure to scoop up this giveaway! Good luck! -xoxo

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