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Friday, February 13, 2009

Fashion Week Day 1: Bensoni

Just got back from Bensoni earlier at Skyline Gallery - amazing! Jewelry was by Bing Bang and shoes by Boutique 9/Nine West. Check out these fab booties (by the way, black booties are everywhere in the city!). The ivory wool felt coat dress was so prim and proper, channeling a sweet, feminine young debonaire from years past. And the graffiti lip print halter paired with a lace-up ruched pencil skirt (always in no matter what season, by the way) was one of my favs. So elegant, and the chignon (by Tadashi Harada for Shiseido) looks more than perfect with the look. (If you notice, all of the models sported this do.) Overall, I thought the collection was a standout - modern elegance and so transformable. You could wear all of these outfits to work. And that's always a plus for me.

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