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Thursday, February 12, 2009

"...I Still Love You New York"

Ever heard the Ryan Adams song New York, New York? One of my absolute favs, and I have to admit, I crank it up on my iPod every now and then when I get an inkling for the city. I'm finally on my way to the Big Apple - bright lights, big city. I'm squealing inside with excitement because I love this place! Since I last wrote, I've received a few more invites, too (sob, still no Barbie!). Alice + Olivia. Cynthia Steffe. Band of Outsiders (Hello? Jason Wu is expected to show! Creator of Michelle Obama's inaugural and Vogue cover dresses.). And then there are the parties I'm so psyched (pulling out the '80s terms here) to attend - Ottavia et Emma at Cellar Bar tomorrow night, the Fashion Week Daily (love it! read NOW if you haven't read it...) and of course, the Total Beauty party at Campbell Apartment with my fellow beauty blogging buddies - yea!

So, I'm sitting at the airport right now noshing on some Quizno's awaiting my departure to ATL and onward to the city. Can't wait to bring what's to come, y'all!

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