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Friday, February 27, 2009

Loving My SPANX

While in NY for Fashion Week, I was able to stop by the SPANX
suite and see all the new products coming out soon - so fun! Of course no press appointment comes without a gracious swag bag, and so I've been donning my supremely divine new SPANX for the last few weeks. Color me happy!!

Right away (while still in NY!), I tried the textured footless tights in black. I paired with ballet flats and my new Alexander Wang from the Barney's Warehouse Sale and voila! Street chic! (I do have a confession though - I tend to be a little rough with my garments at times, and almost cried myself to sleep after discovering a small hole I had made in the seam where the actual netting starts and the "suction band" ends! Nevertheless, the tights are so sturdy, it's merely a small hole that's not budging, so thankfully I'm ok! I've always heard clear nail polish keep them from spreading, but to my avail have never been able to make this work?)

Earlier this week, I sported the Heather Bittersweet (a soft, milky brown in a sort of cool weathered-looking appearance) tights with my copper Marc by Marc Jacobs ballet flats and khaki-hued 3.1 Phillip Lim frock (of which I hate to even mention because they are sooo not willing to work with me, but I do still love the line...sigh...). Man, those SPANX really are miracle-workers, indeed. They suck you in and smooth everything out - and I have been wearing them so much lately I'm just realizing the extra poundage I've gained while in NY on vacation - yikes!!

Another miracle-worker? The Brallelujah! This might just be my fav of the whole bag. It's black (comes in other colors, of course), has a front closure (easy to slip on!) and best of all, is sooooo comfy against my skin I can't even tell I'm wearing a bra (gasp!). No, really! This bra doesn't dig in and have a bunch of uncomfortable straps or boning. It's smooth against my skin and soft as can be. I never have to adjust, either. Of course it's slightly more than I would shell out at VS ($62 versus $42), but I think it's going to last me a looong time and it's well worth it! (and don't you just love the name?)

P.S. I'll report on the Assets line (the SPANX younger sister) at a later date after I've tried!

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