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Monday, February 23, 2009

Taylor Momsen at Marchesa

If only I weren't backstage - darn!! Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl showed up at the Marchesa show (and Anna Sui), wearing NARS, no less! (NARS was actually the make-up used on the models at Marchesa!)
“Taylor wanted a smoky, strong eye - her signature look,” said NARS Makeup Artist Sharon Brown. “I used Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil to rim her eyes and smudge over the entire lid.”
What do you think? I love how the eyes are the focus. It's so important to downplay other features when you highlight another this strongly. The look def goes with her rocker-chic leather duds and shaggy do (although I don't know if I dig the bangs on her?).

Blue shadow (Underworld) was layered on top for a nice pop of color, and Cyprus (a shimmery bronze shadow) was the finishing touch. (This went along with her next outfit, a dress with copper accents, for later that evening. Must be nice! I wore the same lousy dress alllll day!) A sheer lip gloss finishes the look (Sweet Revenge - a sweet grapefruit shade for spring!).

[Photos Courtesy of NARS]

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