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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where'd You Get Your Hair Did?

Ever heard of Citysearch? I know I've used it plenty of times - almost every time I go on vacay! I'll Google "most romantic restaurants" (I know, say it, I'm a cheeseball!) or "best neighborhood bars," and automatically one of the first results that usually pops up is from Citysearch. I'll then literally spend hours on the site because, as you know, once you click on something, another topic spurs your imagination, and so on.

Now - there's a whole new realm of Citysearch to discover, and that's MopShots.com. I know you've spent just as much time as I have thumbing through magazine after magazine and earmarking your fav celebs haircuts. Admit it! After awhile it all runs together, and you've got countless earmarked mags lying around your house for months of which you haven't thrown away yet because you insist you're still getting your hair cut like J Lo next month. With MopShots, you can just go online!

Here's how it works:
Snap a photo of your favorite hairstyle – your friends (or even strangers on the street!) - and submit them for review by The “MopShots Dictators,” style experts from across the fashion, beauty worlds and blogosphere.

The “MopShots Dictators” will review your photos, provide their expert style advice and select which images are featured on the site based on what trends catch their eye. With the MopShots ‘style-finder tools’, you can search for specific looks that fit your style and hair type, and even filter results to find the best cuts from salons in your neighborhood.

I'm definitely going to try this for my next blunt bang cut - squeal!! When are you going to try it?

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