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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catching Up With Finola Hughes, Producer of Running in Heels

Did you watch Sunday night's Running in Heels? Not as good as the premiere episode (how could you beat coverage of Fashion Week and a party for Nina Garcia really??), but still highly entertaining. I love watching the girls fret and literally run in their Louboutins all over the city (ouch). So, have you ever watched How Do I Look? (it's on Style as well) with Finola Hughes as the stylist? Well, turns out, Finola's the producer of Running in Heels! So, when I had the chance to ask her a few questions about the show, I squealed! (ahem, to myself, of course...)

IHH: First of all, I'm loving Running in Heels! Tell me a little about your experience producing the show, and why is it referred to as a “docu series or docu soap?”
FH: It has been amazing meeting the women of Marie Claire. As you can imagine, they are funny, smart, driven and stylish! It's an eye opener to be in their world.

The show is called a docu series/docu soap because it follows a linear storyline with little or no outside interference. Basically, we shoot what happens on a daily basis behind the scenes and follow the story as it unfolds.

IHH: Who came up with the title – it's so appropriate!
FH: Over at Style, we had been kicking around titles, and then when the Marie Claire opportunity arose, it seemed a perfect title for the show.

IHH: Are there certain preferred labels of heels they wear in the series?
FH: Oh, these ladies run the gamut of high-end to low! Lanvin, Michael Kors, Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, Banana Republic, Nine West. You name it - it's in the closet! (oh...and we sob with jealously...)

IHH: What was it like working with the “cast” per se, and how were the interns chosen?
FH: The interns were cast for their smarts and strong personalities as well as their drive to do well at the magazine and work there on a permanent basis. The editors are the best because they just get on with their day-to-day job and let us shoot around them. I hope we weren't too distracting!

IHH: I always ask in my interviews, heel or flats. Obviously, it’s heels this time! But, do you really prefer heels to flats when styling others?
FH: I love heels! They make you instantly more powerful and sexy. Of course, the flip side is they render you incapable of charging around at break-neck speeds! So, it's a trade-off. One that the interns get to know all too well. (ahhhh....and we, too, somehow know what you mean, Finola.)

P.S. If you haven't caught an episode yet, there's still time! Catch Running in Heels on the Style Network on Sundays at 7 pm central.

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