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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Project Runway's Korto Momolu

After the season finale of Project Runway, ever wonder what any of the former contestants are up to? (Besides meeting Leanne Marshall - last season's winner - on a whim at Fashion Week this year) I had the chance this week to catch up with runner-up Korto Momolu (she's from my hometown after all and frequents events, I've just never had a spotting!). In fact, she showed her own collection at Fashion Week and even attended Leanne's (they are still friends and keep in touch!).

It seems like so long ago now, when Tim Gunn visited our local Dillard's department store and provided commentary and questions alongside a Liz Claiborne runway show (of course, he was there to take pictures and sign his new book, too!). It was then that Korto was able to ask Tim the last question of the night - and that was "How do I get on Project Runway?" Tim answered her with the proper steps and encouraged her entry after seeing a few of her designs she had toted along (and they were cute!). Here's what Korto had to say about the whole process and where she is now.

On Tim
"Tim says he remembered me - and I think he did as well. There were not too many African-American women with big hair that day asking him questions (she laughs). It was wonderful to work with him because he is such a mentor/father figure. He was the exact same person all the time."

On Preparing for the Show
"Getting ready for the show was crazy because we only got two weeks total to prepare. As for [when Tim came to visit my home], I wasn't really nervous, just anxious about his reaction to my collection. That was it. Fashion Week was right around the corner and there was no turning back then!"

On the Economy
"Yes, my line is pretty affordable right now with me producing it, so it will be even more affordable once I can get it out to the masses. As for the economy, I have many items that can be worn all year round as well as worn in various ways."

On Purchasing and Celebrities
"Visit www.kortomomolu.com - and look for an online store to come this summer. Beverly Johnson has worn my work and I am in talks with several R&B singers looking to work with me as well."

On New Projects
"I am a part of the "Defeet Poverty Fashion Show," a combined effort of TOMS Shoes, Heifer International and The Clinton Foundation. The fashion show will feature shoes donated by TOMS redesigned by me and many local artists. For every shoe purchased, TOMS will donate a pair to a child. The event is hoping to be graced by Bill Clinton himself, and will be held at the Clinton Library this Thursday. For future updates on all my upcoming events, please see the blog section of my Web site monthly."

Thanks, Korto for your time - and good luck, girl!

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