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Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Fav New Flip-Flops

I have to admit, once spring hits I'm almost 50-50 on my heels and flip-flops. They're just so easy to slip on - and quite affordable, too! So when I came across these unique flip-flops by contemporary (and organic!) clothing label, Trove? I was so excited! A lot of times your flip-flops may be comfy, but they don't exactly add much pizazz to an outfit. In fact, if you're not careful they can make an otherwise gorgeous outfit, look downright hideous!

The new Tkees flip-flops Foundation Collection features versions that are classic, understated and meant to blend with your skin tone (as if you're walking barefoot on the beach). In fact, they're positioned as "cosmetics for your feet." (Check out the color palette of eight shades here!) They even mold to your feet to ensure proper support.

Trove designer & co-creator, Carly Mandelbaum, was inspired to create the Tkees line from an old pair of nude sandals that always made her feel sexy and comfortable.
“I wore my favorite pair of sandals that I bought in St. Barts until they fell apart. I loved the way they seemed to elongate my legs and go with everything in my wardrobe. With the Tkees line I wanted to offer a classic, easy and more importantly comfortable staple for every girl to take on their travels and enjoy in the sunshine,” Mandelbaum says.
The sandals hit SCOOP stores at the end of this month and retail for $46.


  1. Eventhough I am a high heel fan, those flip fops do compliment the feet in them, (pic in this post) not sure if those are your feet, or not. However in a sassy outfit they will not do much for anyone, then you will need a nice, stylish, high heeled shoe, whether it is a sandal or not.

  2. does anyone know if these flip flops are available online? if yes... where?


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