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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stylist Q&A: Amber Lehman (Think Julianne Hough!)

stylist Amber Lehman talks about her job styling celebrities like Julianne Hough Celebrity fashion stylist Amber Lehman's the kind of small-town girl you could chat with for hours. Seriously, the girl is nice (her accent sounds a lot like Britney Spears on the phone) and she knows her stuff, too. I just can't believe the Monroe, Louisiana native originally set out for Nashville for graduate school in science (!) at Vanderbilt (apparently she used to style people on breaks in the lab - ha!).

After learning the ropes of the industry with a photographer friend in town, Amber started styling more and more musicians on the scene (Collective Soul, Amy Grant, Kenny Chesney), and today one of her clicelebrity stylist Amber Lehman talks about her jobents is Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars fame. Amber's been working with Julianne for more than a year now and claims she's the same girl you come to love on TV. "She doesn't take anything super-serious; she's really fun!" Amber tells me. And of course she has her own opinion on what she likes (luckily her super-fit blonde self looks great in almost anything), but Amber says they have a very collaborative relationship and work together as a team.

So, now that spring's here, what is Amber's fav spring look? A-line skirts paired with a basic tank, strappy heels and a cute blazer.

She knows a thing or two about shopping on a budget as well (check out her blog here - I'm suddenly addicted!). Her tips? Spend money on one outstanding item to elevate your look. You can then pair all of your budget-friendly finds from Target and Urban Outfitters with it - and then your whole outfit instantly shines! She mentioned a great pair of sandals or fringe bag (Julianne's boyfriend Chuck Wicks got her one this past Christmas!) to splurge on.

Of course, every fashionista has to have a few go-to labels to love. Amber's favs are: MM Couture (sometimes knock-offs, but hey that's ok with us! and "very well made"), Dolce Vita ("love their heels!"), Sam Edelman ("great sandals") and Genetic Denim ("coated black denim that looks like black leggings").

To wrap up the interview, I just had to ask her thoughts on heels. She says with her job she's always shopping and on her feet for photo shoots so flats are more practical, but when styling, she always uses heels. In fact, as a dancer and just as Cheryl Burke told me last week (flats hurt her feet!), Julianne is only comfortable in heels. "It lengthens the legs so much and elongates," Amber says.

We couldn't agree more! And thanks, Amber, for your stylish time. -xoxo

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