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Monday, March 2, 2009

Take off Your Heels (for just a sec!) - And Relax Your Feet

After running around New York for a week during Fashion Week, my feet hurt so freakin' bad. I truly know how the docu series title (on Style) Running in Heels came about - it's so true! I sheepishly admit by the end of the week, there were a few events I attended and spilled that while "I certainly heart heels, at the moment I am hearting flats." So, of course, when Kathryn Budig, one of the most coveted Yogis from YogaWorks, offered her feel-better tips for a high-heel lover's feet - I jumped! (ouch - probably should've taken my heels off...)

“Alleviate the pain of wearing high heels by ascending and descending to chair pose, balancing on the balls of the feet with the arches and heels lifting,” suggests Kathryn. “The pose will help you conquer the discomfort of this season’s soaring heel heights.”

How to solve pain from 4-inch Louboutins?
(and when we say heels, we don't mean your Louboutins - we mean your feet)
• Place the feet together and lift both arms parallel to the ground, palms facing down
• Find one point to gaze at and lift up onto the balls of the feet
• Continue to reach the heels away from the ground, creating lift in the arches
• Keep the gaze on one point, heels lifted, and begin to bend the knees

• Keep the belly gently pulling to the spine as the body descends until the bottom lands lightly on the heels

• Take five breaths without placing the heels on the ground and make a slow return back to standing

• Place heels back down

P.S. Visit a YogaWorks studio and join in on the fun every week - there are 15 studios around LA and New York!

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