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Monday, March 30, 2009

What Camille Guaty Really Loves (psst...handbags)

You've probably noticed Camille Guaty in the past with recurring roles on shows like The Nine, Prison Break and Crossing Jordan. Now, the dimpled fashionista is making a move to TV (and movies!) again. Premiering tonight at 9 PM Central (after Dancing with the Stars) the original 1998 romantic series Cupid is giving love another go (a revamped spin on the old Jeremy Piven version - this time Cupid's played by Bobby Cannavale). Camille plays Lita, an artsy NY gal who has never really fallen in love, and her character constantly battles the "love at first sight" antics of Cupid. But, Cupid aside, what we wanted to know was what Camille's really falling in loving right now (you know, heels...handbags...you get it).

IHH: How would you describe your everyday style?

CG: Eclectic and funky. Leggings with a lacy bohemian vest with a Betsey Johnson half shirt. It's about finding something and making it your own. (She once wore a chain belt adorned with a coin on it as a necklace!)

IHH: So, tell me about your wardrobe on Cupid.

She's a performing arts grad, so she's very artsy. Stockings with a mini skirt and boots, or leg warmers and a sweater.

IHH: Very cool. So what are you completely adoring in fashion right now?

Bags! I love Rebecca Minkoff because [the line is] affordable and well made. (Note: Camille told me she's not going to just drop $2,000 on a bag and definitely frequents sample sales. How cool is that?) I'm wearing a lot of purple and blue jewel tones right now - maybe a little too much on the [red] carpet lately!

IHH: And beauty obsessions? You have to have them.
I love Kate Somerville Total Vitamin Antioxidant Face Serum as well as ReVive skincare products.

IHH: So, any tips for our readers out there shopping on a budget?

My friends and I have been visiting beauty shops and buying these really inexpensive clip-on hair/bang extensions. [Many salons] will teach you how to clip them on, and they look really good. (Note: Jessica Alba recently wore some on the red carpet to enhance her fringe bangs - so cute!)

IHH: And of course you've been working on your first studio film out May 1 -
Ghost of Girlfriends Past- alongside Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. How was that? CG: Amazing. It was great working among stars of that caliber - and just the experience. [Matthew and Jennifer] were both so helpful and understanding. (Note: Camille told me when all the girls would film together, Jen would ask about her love life and they would talk girly stuff because everyone got along so well!)

As for her love of heels, we had to ask. Camille told me, "I could run in heels!" Now, that's straight-up fashionista dedication!

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