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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bridal Tips from Lela Rose

Ahhh...it's just the beginning of the infamous wedding season. And I've had it on my brain since Christmas when one of my best friends, H., got engaged. We all figured it was coming - and needless to say, I think we're all happy she chose a 6-month engagement so we can all enter wedding bliss and leave wedding bliss asap (no offense, H, but you know as much as we do, those bridesmaid dresses are uber-uncomfortable!).

Our dresses are actually delivered Friday and I really do think they're super cute. She chose a mocha color and it's strapless with a bow sash and bubble hem. Next month, I'll embark upon my adventure to choose my new patent red shoes (us shoe-loving bridesmaids, rejoice!).

In February, when I went to Fashion Week in NY, I was able to attend the Lela Rose show - and it was one of my favs! And with all this wedding excitement, I'm just as pumped now to see her Unforgettable Moments by Lela Rose collection for Payless. We're talking shoes and handbags all of which can dyed one of 64 hues handpicked by Lela herself! And they all hit under $50, which is a major relief when you start counting the cake, the dresses, the venue (and the list goes on for ages!). Watch this quick video to hear tips from Lela herself. Enjoy!

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