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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Do-it-Yourself Eye Lift

The area around the eye gets so neglected and it's one of the first tell-tale signs you've been up too late surfing the net for shoes, or you're inching up the age chart just a bit more. It doesn't have to be that way though. If you're like me and scared of anything with a needle (and too cheap to pay for it!), today's skin treatments by those of the likes of Dr. Perricone are the next-to-best thing around.

I've been using the High Potency Eye Lift ($95, but a miracle worker!) by Perricone MD for the past couple of weeks. I must admit I was a little afraid at first (high potency? precaution labels? may cause tingling for sensitive skin?), but I dabbed a little under my eyes a couple of days before diving head first and I discovered everything was just fine. In fact, more than fine. It started diminishing my circles - and it has even made the skin around my eyes firmer, yet soft to the touch.

You have to think $95 is a lot to shell out, but you're in luck. Right now, the Dr. Perricone site has it on sale for just $76 here. It's recommended you apply to the eye area and upper brow both morning and night for best results. Make sure you get around the eye really well so you see the best in lifting benefits.

Try this cream for just a few weeks and see if you like it - since you only use a bit at a time, it lasts quite awhile. And get ready for the new youthful you - it's just the beginning. Hey, they don't mistake me for 17 for nothing.

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