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Monday, April 13, 2009

Fashion Lookbook for the Fashion Obsessed

I just came across this week a new "social network." And I'm really excited about it (I think you will be, too!)! It's Lookbook.nu - described as collective fashion consciousness started by "a guy and a girl from San Francisco who like fashion, art and culture."

How Does it Work?
First of all, you must sign up first (it says it's invitation only, so my invite is currently pending and I'm crossing my fingers!). You upload your photos of your looks (check out this fab outfit here that was just posted!), and then you can also browse others. Everyone votes on the "hype" and these are the outfits that appear front and center on page 1 (sort of like Page Six if you read The NY Post, but not so much)! And if your looks are really liked? You build "karma" as a stylist. How cool is that?

Keep in mind, when posting you must show the entire outfit and stay away from professional photos. It's supposed to be your day to day style! And, of course, try not to be intimidated by the multimedia student from Copenhagen or the 15-year-old fashionista from Oslo (it is international, after all, and some of these gals have some sick style!) Pretty soon you, too, will be using words like "hype" and "fresh."

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