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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Newest Beauty Gem at The Plaza

Ah, The Plaza. The 19-story luxury hotel at Fifth Ave. and Central Park South is a landmark, and one of my first memories. That's why I almost cried myself to sleep when they thought about making it all fancy condos after the last huge renovation. (I mean, the Beatles stayed here during their first visit to the U.S.!)

It was featured in movies like Funny Girl, The Way We Were, Sleepless in Seattle, Home Alone 2, Almost Famous (one of my absolute favs!) and, of course, the most recent Bride Wars.

When I interned at Seventeen in 2002, everyone and their dog came to visit me (good excuse, no?). And my sister G brought along her friends who happened to be travel agents. So for the weekend, I ditched my Union Square pad and headed to The Plaza to stay. I must admit trekking to work straight from The Plaaaaaza felt, well, sweeeet!

I'm telling you all of this to say The Plaza now has its own beauty destination - The Plaza Beauty by Warren-Tricomi. Hello! Why wasn't this there when I was there? I might've ditched Seventeen for the morning and caught up on my "beauty rest." Check out the LCD screens and beautiful light fixtures. Gorg.

It's a mecca for those truly serious about beauty. Skincare, haircare and fragrance products that have been hand-picked by NY's style icons, Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi (these guys know their stuff!). Definitely looks like an experience worth checking out. What could be the harm, right? You're just catching up on your beauty rest.

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