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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not Digging Matthew Williamson - R U?

I've never been a loud/print/graphic person. Even down to my accessories. I wish I could look good in prints, but every time I venture out and buy one, it's a total disaster. And that's part of style. Learning what looks good on you and embracing it. If I want (and I do!)? I can have a whole closet full of solids - that's what looks good on me, so that's what I wear.

Now, I hate to say it, but prints are very hard to pull off for most people. 

In fact, I'm not really digging Matthew Williamson at all. It's a trendy pick - Lindsay Lohan went to his show for Fashion Week and alll the celebs just love him. But, you know? I just don't get it. And I don't think Vanessa Williams and Katy Perry look their best recently, either. Vanessa's been wearing the uber-expensive original Matthew Williamson line, while Katy's been wearing his new less expensive line for H&M (peacock feathers? ugh!). I'll give the gals credit for trying, but I'm so not loving it. Rule of thumb: Pick what flatters, not what's trendy. You'll get so much more longevity out of a black cardigan, than say, ahem, peacock feathers.

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with the Matthew Williamson peacock dress. Sometimes I love the way it looks on people, other times I don't. It's just not built for all body types. Then again, nothing is.


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