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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On-the-Go Oil Control

With summer fast approaching, (at least down south anyway, we tend to skip spring!) it's time for oil control. I don't think i have found a product out there yet that will completely control my oily skin. So instead? I have to opt for an alternative solution - oil blotting sheets. Sounds sort of gross, I know. But they truly work - especially in a pinch (I used some last fall at my friend L's wedding - miracle!).

I'm loving the Oily Doily™ version by Go-Girl right now. So easy to tote in your purse, and you can toss when you're finished (there are 40 sheets!). Just press on the spot and it instantly absorbs extra oil without removing your make-up. And you don't have to worry about searching endlessly for that "perfect" oil-free powder. There's not a perfect one out there, trust me. Blot and toss instead. For $9, it's a bargain!

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