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Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Chic on a Budget

Ok, it's no lie we're all pinching our pennies (um, maybe even quarters?) a little here and there, right? And all I have to say is thank you goodness for Target! Of course, us fashionistas don't build our entire wardrobe around budget items, but they are, in fact, a very integral part of our everyday attire.

Target has tons of high-end designers offering their versions of budget-friendly every month, but Mossimo is one of the mainstay brands always on budget. I don't know about you, but I have several pieces from the line, one being my handy black cardigan I've been wearing for years!

I think Mossimo totally got spring right too with this perky outfit. It has everything a girl would want this season - pocket tee (in yellow, of course) ($7.99), tiered grey ruffle skirt ($24.99), ruffle wedges ($29.99) and purple hobo satchel ($24.99). The yellow/gray combo is one my favs - the bright and muted mix is so easy on the eyes. And the fitted tee pairs really well with the bouncy ruffles of the skirt. The strappy sandals and shades further express how much you're (I'm?) dying to hit the beach!!!! Start wearing and you'll start believing. ;) Warm weather is soooo close.

[Photo Courtesy Mossimo/Target]

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